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It's one thing to have great technology and great support to prevent snags and catastrophes but what is that without security? You wouldn't go out and leave your front door unlocked and neither would we. In fact, once we're done - we leave no door!

All of our remote sessions are established by creating a secure user-created connection inside your office. Once the session is completed, both the connection and all the software are removed leaving absolutely no possibility of unauthorized access to your system.

Remote Support also happens to be part of our Green Initiative. Just last year we were able to reduce our carbon footprint by approximately 160,000kms driven and at the same time gave virtually instant service! We're proud to be Green.

Remote Tech

Our job isn't just to fix your problem and not tell you what we are doing. To save some time and hassle, we can help you learn to resolve basic technical issues. We don't expect you to spend a lot of time learning what our qualified technicians know but we can help you learn by doing. Our remote techs answer your support request and shadow what you're doing. We take over your system (with your permission) to point out important steps in the process. It's fast and friendly to the environment and ultimately helps you save money by fixing some minor issues yourself.

Remote Device

We've got your back and we can monitor your devices remotely to ensure that there are no problems brewing and that everything is running as it should. We keep an eye on the performance of your printers and servers and are on the lookout for intrusion attempts. If we detect a problem - we'll notify you immediately. We don't just call you with the problem though; we call you with a solution.

At OT Group we know that security is crucial. We make sure the remote services we use don't leave an unlocked door on your network -in fact, the door doesn't exist when we are finished! ...

Remote Support

You wouldn't think of driving your car all year without an oil change and you shouldn't operate your network devices without regular maintenance either. OT Group Group has different programs ...

Routine Service

Are you tired of paying for monthly service and not knowing what you are paying for? Annoyed that you have to pay extra for service that needs to be done before your next scheduled day? ...

Customer Focused Billing

Since technology is always advancing we invest in training our employees to keep them up to date on the latest developments. This investment means that you have qualified ...

Certifications and Partner Levels

Non-profit and Charity organizations hold a special place in our heart. At OT Group we have developed specialized programs to help support organizations focused on bettering our world.

Non-Profit and Charity Customers
I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for all your help last week. You were so quick to respond and it really helped us. Chris' PC and printer are working better than they have in months and he is eternally grateful, as am I. ~ Leslie CMHS - Honeywell House

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