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Line of Business

Is your team able to call up your data, the lifeblood of your company, and view it in a comprehensible and organized fashion? If not, perhaps you're experiencing difficulty with your line of business application. While it may sound like a complicated problem to fix, the bottom line is simple - a properly integrated line of business application means that your business will be more profitable, more competitive, more efficient and more effective. Are we speaking your language? Contact us.

Risk Assessment

Are you sure your employees are following organizational policies? Not even sure what issues you should be looking out for? Is your organization mandated to prove regulatory compliance in order to maintain any funding? Or even worse, is your business unprepared to survive a catastrophe?

If any of these questions leave you scratching your head then contact OT Group now. We provide customers with comprehensive risk assessments so that they can protect their data and put together short, medium and long-term business continuity plans.

Leveraging Technology

Have you ever had a technology provider tell you that all IT products have a 3-year lifespan? That is not always the case. You've spent your hard-earned dollars to acquire the technology and it's important to get the most out of your investment without jeopardizing your business objectives. At OT Group, we help you redeploy your existing technology so that you can stay on track, on budget and even ahead of the game.

Internet Audit

While checking your employees' Internet usage habits may sound unnecessary to some, employers need to be certain about what is coming into and what is leaving their network. We have performed many Internet use audits and almost every client has been surprised by the results. Our audit and results report will help you to determine where problems or risks lie and help you to develop a strategy to curb habits in a positive and constructive way. The best part is that businesses that have taken advantage of this service have seen an average return of 8-10% of their annual payroll. We're sure that makes it sound worthwhile.

Are you experiencing difficulty with Line of Business application integration? Struggling with risks and vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure? Wonder what your employees are doing ...

Manage your strategy

Our job at OT Group is to help you ensure that your IT strategy supports your business strategy, allowing you to focus on moving forward. If you are planning on an acquisition ...

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Last night we had an issue that bordered on a 'show stopper' for our business. Your technician arrived promptly and under some pressure swapped out the bad server. After making all the necessary adjustments for a seamless replacement, we were down only for an hour. Your tech did a fantastic job and was very impressive. ~ John Boyle Cooney Ltd

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