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At OT Group we know that when your system is down your business suffers. We take a pro-active approach to monitoring your IT to prevent as many issues as possible. In the event that you do have an IT failure we are on the scene in no time with an average remote support time of less than 30 minutes and an average onsite response time of less than 3 hours.

We know that your IT infrastructure is the brain of your operation so you don't want just anyone working on it. All of our support technicians are certified by industry leading bodies like Comptia, Microsoft, Novel, VMWare, Cisco, HP and IBM so that they can get the job done right the first time.

At OT Group we know that security is crucial. We make sure the remote services we use don't leave an unlocked door on your network - in fact, the door doesn't exist when we are finished! All remote sessions are established by a user-created connection inside your office. This connection and all software are removed when the session is closed.

You wouldn't think of driving your car all year without an oil change and you shouldn't operate your network devices without regular maintenance either. OT Group Group has different programs to suit the needs of any sized business to ensure your technology gets a regular checkup.

Are you tired of paying for monthly service and not knowing what you are paying for? Annoyed that you have to pay extra for service that needs to be done before your next scheduled day? OT Group has different programs to suit your specific business needs to ensure that you get the most out of your service dollars.

Customer service is our first priority because from good customer service comes satisfied customers. We invest in training our employees to keep them up to date on the latest developments. This investment means that you have qualified, knowledgeable people providing you with service and advice that you can trust.

Non-profit and Charity organizations hold a special place in our heart. At OT Group we have developed specialized programs to help support organizations focused on bettering our world.

At OT Group, we want to make sure your network runs at peak efficiency. To ensure top performance, we've combined forces with and industry leader to provide leading edge web solutions. SSLs, Domains, Hosting and are all found right here.

Last night we had an issue that bordered on a 'show stopper' for our business. Your technician arrived promptly and under some pressure swapped out the bad server. After making all the necessary adjustments for a seamless replacement, we were down only for an hour. Your tech did a fantastic job and was very impressive. ~ John Boyle Cooney Ltd

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