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Document Management Services

Chances are your data is scattered across your network in various file locations, outlook folders and databases - not to mention filing cabinets and piles of paper on your desk.

We can help you effectively capture, process, secure, access, and integrate your data into your business. Our software solution can be integrated with your line of business applications so that your documents can be opened in their native formats, within the screens familiar to your users. OT Group's document management solution streamlines your business processes with sophisticated workflows to help reduce manual processes and ensure compliance with business policies.


It is critically important to ensure that the data you need is accessible when it is required. Of equal importance is the need to ensure that sensitive or personal data is available only to those authorized to see it, and only for the period of time during which they need it. OT Group's document management solution ensures that your data is properly secured and controlled for regulatory compliance and risk management.

Regulatory compliance

With an increasing number of regulations and need for operational transparency for businesses and organizations, regulatory compliance has become a huge concern for many leading companies. Our team will work closely with you to provide advice and help you to manage regulatory risks with respect to data collection, retention and distribution.

Line of Business Integration

Even the most basic document management software package can perform scan, store and retrieval functions. What sets our software apart is its ability to integrate seamlessly with line of business applications for many different industries including: finance, higher education, manufacturing, engineering and government. Your users can find, access and store documents within their normal business applications in their native formats.

User Training and Acceptance

The success of any software installation is ensuring that the process is well planned and executed effectively. Our Microsoft Certified Small Business Specialists will help to make the transition to your new software or network solution as seamless and trouble-free as possible. OT Group will train your organization to be self-sufficient by:

  • Involving key staff in the design and implementation of the solution
  • Assist in the development or enhancement of the role of your key in-house technology support staff
  • Train all users to the appropriate level
  • Provide quality eSupport, telephone and in-person service support for problem resolution

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Document Management Services

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Randy at tech support was a huge help to me today. He and his coworkers worked very hard to resolve the printer issue for one of my agents here at the office. Randy is very kind, considerate and patient. I certainly appreciated his help, guidance and professionalism. ~ Janice Bowes & Cocks Limited

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