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OT Group can help you assess your current infrastructure and map out a plan for the future based on your projected growth and organizational goals. We can help you maximize your current investments and make wise decisions for your next steps.

CTO (Chief Technical Officer) Services

Most companies can see the benefit of having the expertise of a Chief Technical Officer committed to overseeing their current and future IT needs. However, a CTO comes with a hefty price tag and you may only need their services for the short term. OT Group is here to help whether it's to manage a big stride in your organization's growth or to resolve day-to-day IT issues.

Growth Management

At OT Group we are amazed at the recent growth spurt our customers are experiencing. While we celebrate that success with them, we also know what a challenge growth can bring - especially when it happens quickly. So even though big growth can bring big problems, the key is proper management. Whether you're anticipating increased expansion or are currently experiencing it, we'll make sure you can budget for new technology requirements to support those new requirements. We'll also make sure that any technology changes that you make today won't negatively impact the future or impede that positive growth!

IT Resource Planning

While growth is a great indicator of success for any company, smart business owners know that you can't bank on your company's growth to be consistent or perpetual. So - how do you prepare for both the boom and the slow times? You'll want to make sure that you have scaleable IT in place so that you aren't overpaying when things slow down but that you can handle higher volume. By utilizing the latest in Cloud, Hybrid and traditional network infrastructure, OT Group can help you reach your business goals by ensuring you only pay for what you need, when you need it.


You need the best technology possible to support your business needs and no company can be all things to all people. As a partner and consultant, OT Group helps our customers source technology from other vendors. Whether it's a new phone system, line of business application or asset tracking system - we'll find the right system for the best value. We also provide consulting on new product development and infrastructure integration. We use our expertise and knowledge about your current infrastructure to help you with the best solution possible at the right price. So if you want a business-focused IT assessment of a vendor's pitch for a product or service - OT Group can help you understand your options and make the best choice.

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Manage your strategy

Our job at OT Group is to help you ensure that your IT strategy supports your business strategy, allowing you to focus on moving forward. If you are planning on an acquisition ...

Develop your strategy.
Everyone I've worked with through this project has been a pleasure to deal with. I don't want to limit my thanks, I'm just going to say that everyone who has been to the office made this transition a breeze. ~ Darren Prince Edward - Lennox and Addington Social Services

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