Business Process Management

Appliance Integration Services

Did you recently purchase a technology device and want more out of it? Or will it not work successfully in your environment? The breadth of OT Group's knowledge in the technology world makes us the perfect partner for integrations.

Copier, Printer, Scanner Fleets

Gain control of the volume and type of output from your multifunctionals and other printing devices through OT Group's integrations with your network. Enforce printing policies, prevent wasted prints and facilitate scanning, digital storage and faxing with our advanced integration solutions.

We can also help you successfully integrate:

  • Inventory Control
  • Video systems
  • Internet Protocol (IP) Based Equipment.

If you find you're drowning in paper and spending valuable time on manual processing- OT Group can help. We'll help you integrate information of all kinds ...

Document Management Services

If your business processes rely on paper and you don't have line of sight on their status then it's time to think about Process Automation. OT Group can create automated ...

Process Automation

If you've recently purchased a new technology device such as a copier, printer, scanner, video system or IP based equipment but lack confidence that the vendor will be able to ...

Appliance Integration Services

Have you been looking for the right cloud-based application to help run your business? OT Group's line of business web-based application is intuitive and highly customizable ...

Customized Business Applications
Randy at tech support was a huge help to me today. He and his coworkers worked very hard to resolve the printer issue for one of my agents here at the office. Randy is very kind, considerate and patient. I certainly appreciated his help, guidance and professionalism. ~ Janice Bowes & Cocks Limited

Does your technology partner focus on value - for YOU? June 28 2013

Do you think your technology partner provides you with the best value? How often do they recommend you purchase software or hardware from other sources? If your technology partner never recommends looking at outside alternatives, this article is for you. How...

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